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About PSSI

PSSI LogoImplementing and maintaining a business information system are critical to the health and well-being of your business. A problem system can cost your company in lost time, wasted cash, frustrated employees and, perhaps most important, lost customers. The ultimate cost might be the failure of your business.

Think of your information system as being the heart of your company. Without a healthy heart, you die; without a healthy information system, your company could die. In neither case do you want the "doctor" to be ignorant, untrained, unskilled and uncaring. It's important to know who you're working with — to whom you are entrusting the health of your heart.

Before you begin your business system implementation, you certainly want to know who you will be dealing with. The best way to get to know the technical people who will be assisting you, is to talk with them, face to face. That's also the best way for them to get to know you, your company, its history and your challenges.

Prior to that visit, you will want to do some preliminary research to get a feel for the company and people with whom you will be working. The section of our web site, "About PSSI," is designed to provide that basic information for you. It certainly won't answer all of the questions you have. It may in fact, generate additional questions. That's when you contact us and schedule the face to face meeting.

The sections of "About PSSI" will give you an initial overview of PSSI — our history, capabilities and staff overview. After you have reviewed the information in our web site, please contact us. You may call us at 574-239-2444, or email Jackie.Sittley@pssiusa.com. Just as the initial choice of your cardiologist is critical to your health, your support firm, is equally important.

The attached Software That Matters white paper, written by Brian Sittley, PSSI President, provides information about some of the key principles and motivators behind ERP deployment, along with some practical advice about the costs, benefits and benchmarks for making a change.

"Software That Matters" Free White Paper Click to Download Now!