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Questioning: Why PSSI?Why Choose PSSI?

Whether you are just starting your search for a business management computer system, or have already narrowed the choice down to two or three appropriate systems, finding a skilled, experienced, reliable “partner” to work with you throughout the entire project is very important.  Given the importance of a local resource in a successful outcome, careful consideration is required when selecting a partner.

You should generally look for a selection and implementation partner that really understands the issues that make your business different, while also having demonstrable experience on their preferred software package. Experience with a broad base of clients with several years’ experience will help assure you of success in your project.

Since the selected partner will be working as a partner with your organization for some time, it is important that the relationship be a positive one. The partner’s business history, implementation methodologies and employee biographies are all reasonable topics for discussion in the context of a preliminary evaluation, and should be considered carefully before making a decision.

In addition to the information presented in the PSSI Staff biographies, the following three informational ssections will help you understand who we are and how we work and what differentiates us from other software support organizations.

How PSSI Will Help YouHelping Hands Image

We help you improve your profitability and efficiency through the careful deployment of business management systems designed specifically for the small to mid-size firm. (Read More)



Who We Are

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PMI, the predecessor to PSSI, was founded by Brian Sittley in South Bend, Indiana, in 1987, to provide totally customized software solutions built to satisfy clients' specific needs.  Over time the company narrowed its focus to specialize in accounting, manufacturing, warehousing and related applications geared to making our clients far more productive. (Read More)


We Don't Just Consult — We DO!Image of man doing work

Success in mastering your business rests on two key factors: selecting the right information solution for your company from the many choices available today, then successfully implementing the software and learning to exploit the strengths of that selection.(Read More)




How We're DifferentImage showing differences

How do you evaluate the business partner you’ll select to help deploy and maintain the software at the heart of your business?  PSSI offers a number of key differentiators to help you decide.
(Read More)