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Rollpak DivisionRollpak Logo
Berry Plastics, Inc. 

Rollpak Inc.’s Goshen, IN plant is a manufacturer of institutional can liners, supplying non-consumer based business trash can liners for all types of applications.

PSSI's relationship with Rollpak extends back many years since we first helped them automate their accounting system in the 1990’s.  Most recently, their deployment of our E-Z WMS Warehouse Management System is merely their latest step in increasing competitive advantage through the intelligent application of software and technology.

Former Rollpak General Manager Alan Wyne was instrumental in the deployment of the firm’s warehouse management system, which became the first (of several) commercial deployments of what is now the E-Z WMS.  Today, he notes, “EZ-WMS has virtually eliminated our mis-shipments.  The discipline required by the system in picking, packing and shipping makes the process faster and provides a much higher degree of accuracy than was possible prior to the deployment... E-Z WMS enabled Rollpak to run its business with as few as one-sixth the number of employees our competition uses."

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