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Image of Warehouse Shelves

Warehouse Management Using E-Z WMS

from PSSI

Every minute inventory sits on your shelves, it costs you money. You need to move the inventory out the door and to your customer as quickly and efficiently as possible. As with any other function in your company, managing inventory is much easier and more effective with the proper tools. A Warehouse Management System (WMS) gives you the ability to locate and track inventory as it cycles through the warehouse. To achieve the most benefit from the system, the management system needs the flexibility to work within your parameters, in your warehouse environment. Additionally, for maximum efficiency, your system should allow you to take care of business in the warehouse and connect with the other components of your operation: materials management/inventory control system, order management, your invoicing system, manufacturing or assembly and integrated supply chain information systems. And, it has to be a cost-effective solution with a speedy return on investment.

To meet these requirements, PSSI has developed E-Z WMS – the powerful, comprehensive, easy to use, and reasonably priced radio frequency (RF) warehouse management system for small and mid-sized companies.

What is warehouse management and how does
E-Z WMS help improve your warehouse efficiency?

Receive & Put Away 

With a comprehensive warehouse management solution, when goods or material arrive at your receiving dock, you will be shown where they should go in your warehouse based on your or your vendors’ bar coded part number. Having product or material in the right location will improve the flow through the warehouse.

Inventory Control and Replenishment 

Knowing what you have in the warehouse, where it’s stored and tracking inventory movement is, by definition, warehouse management. The PSSI E-Z WMS will provide that comprehensive inventory information for efficient warehouse management.

Pick and Pack 

Having your staff wandering around the warehouse searching for the desired [product is a waste of time and money. E-Z WMS helps you pick more efficiently by letting you know exactly where the items are located.


E-Z WMS distribution software streamlines every step of your shipping process, from order entry, to producing packing slips, bills of lading and shipping labels. Your shipments will go out more quickly and more accurately – to the delight of your customers.

Learn effective warehouse management as you implement the PSSI E-Z WMS system. Review the following E-Z WMS pdf format brochure. Then contact us at (574) 239-2444 for answers to your questions and to discover just how easily and cost-effectively E-Z WMS can help you better manage your inventory and control inventory carrying costs. 


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