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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Logo.jpgMicrosoft
Dynamics NAV™

You probably arrived at this web site page because you’re looking for an answer to your business information needs. You want integrated software – not kluged-together pieces and parts from multiple software developers. In addition to giving you accurate, timely information, your ideal system will have short learning curve so it can be rapidly implemented and have local training and support so it can be maintained with minimal disruption to your business. You have heard that to meet these requirements, Microsoft Dynamics NAV™ should be considered.

Being a modifiable business management system, Dynamics NAV (formerly Microsoft Navision) adapts to the unique way you manage your business. It provides you with the functionality required by your local geographic and industry needs and offers improved ease of use letting your staff be more efficient and your business more competitive.

New Call-to-action The PSSI staff of certified Dynamics NAV programmers and implementation specialists will help you analyze your needs, make any modifications you find necessary, install the software and train your people to use it most effectively. Our history of more than 25 years of experience with business information systems is testimony to the fact that we will be here to serve you when, and only when, you need our help.
In order to provide you with a quick overview of the powerful NAV ERP and NAV Manufacturing, PSSI has created overview videos based on live webinars previously presented. Click on the following dates for the December 14, 2011 NAV General ERP Overview and the February 15, 2012 Manufacturing Overview.
To learn just how well Dynamics NAV will fit your business, call Jackie at 574-239-2444, or email her at Jackie@pssiusa.com. Now is the time to let PSSI can help you realize your business vision with Microsoft Dynamics ERP.


Generate financial reports using financial figures, texts, or details other than in the chart of accounts. Choose the accounts you want to include (or exclude), change the order of the accounts, combine figures in various ways, and set up which columns to print. In addition, you can make simple calculations. Allocate general ledger entries to combinations of accounts, departments, and projects based on amount, percentage, or quantity.  Print a balance sheet that shows variances to the budget by percentage.  Click to learn more about soft Dynamics NAV Accounting & Financial Systems


With the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Manufacturing System, you can boost operational efficiency and effectively manage production, including production orders, bills of material, supply planning, and capacity requirements planning.  Flexible processes and integrated information equip you to make accurate promises to customers, respond quickly to last-minute requests and changes, and take advantage of new business opportunities to help your business stay ahead of the competition.  Click for detailed information about Microsoft Dynamics NAV Manufacturing.


Global competition, shorter product lifecycles, lean economic conditions, increasing customer demands—these and other challenges put enormous pressures on industrial distributors.

But with the right technology, being competitive gets easier. If you have the right business solutions in place, you can adapt to evolving market and customer demands by improving supply chain operations, effectively managing branch locations and sales staff while keeping costs low, and creating service-related income.  Click for detailed information about Microsoft Dynamics NAV Distribution.