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Business Process Analysis

The Problem  New computers and additional software aren’t always the answer to a company’s productivity and profitability problems. Neither the right system implemented for the wrong reasons nor the wrong system installed for the right reason will provide satisfactory results. Computerizing inefficient or incorrect processes will leave you with the same problems – just performed (possibly) faster.

The Prescription 

Diagram of Proposed Production ProceduresThe only way you can be assured of success is to perform – or have
performed – a detailed process analysis.  During this analysis, all of the major functions and processes are examined, documented and evaluated to make sure that they are useful and necessary. Then, an analysis is performed to see if there might be better ways of accomplishing the same or similar results more efficiently. Sometimes the answers lie with improved automation systems; sometimes, it’s a matter of altering your current procedures.  Since most company owners and senior managers have neither the time nor the experience to perform the required activities, PSSI offers that service to our clients.

The Solution  The PSSI Business Process Analysis (BPA) is conducted by PSSI’s principals and most senior staff, employing a hands-on, intensive analysis of your most critical business processes and constraints. The BPA involves placing one or more high-level consultants at your site for two or more days, followed by several more days off-site devoted to analyzing our findings, flowcharting your processes and drawing up appropriate recommendations for a highly individualized action plan tailored to your unique needs.

The Result  The result is a detailed, written summary of findings and recommendations which will enable you to take immediate action to identify and correct process flaws, fill gaps, automate critical procedures, and better employ today’s technology to reduce costs and improve your processes and profitability.  The goal in the end is a simple one: to help you reduce costs and inefficiencies in ways that improve your bottom line substantially beyond the cost of the engagement.  Client feedback and results consistently reaffirm the benefits of the PSSI BPA.

The Proof  We have made samples of actual PSSI Business Process Analyses (with names removed of course) available to interested parties upon request.  To obtain your free copy (pdf) of one of our detailed BPA assignments, to judge for yourself the quality and depth of our analytical capabilities, simply complete the brief form below and we’ll send you a sample, so you can judge for yourself.

Better still, give us a brief description of one or more of the challenges you face in your business.  This will help ensure we send you an appropriate sample BPA and tailor our response more to your specific requirements.

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Business Process Analysis
Case Study Request Form

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