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How We're Different

Illustrating How do you evaluate the business partner you’ll select to help deploy and maintain the software at the heart of your business?  PSSI offers a number of key differentiators to help you decide…

Company Longevity:

We’ve seen a lot of software companies come and go over the years.  We’ve been helping our client companies succeed ever since 1987, with clients relationships as long as 20 years and more.  Our longevity provides client assurance that we’ll be here when you need us.

Depth of Staff Experience:

Our employees have built impressive resumes including 10, 15 or more years of experience with computers and the systems we support. Our team members have many years of business experience and are technically up to date.  The staff credentials includes Vendor specific training and certifications, Masters Degrees, APICS recognitions, and a host of other technical and business certifications.  Our extensive experience and knowledge give you the confidence of knowing you’re in good hands.

Awards and Accolades:

Over the years, we have established ourselves as one of the premier software companies in the country.  We have received many awards over the years, including President's Club selection by our vendors… “Killer VAR,” “Top 100” and “Technology Pacesetter” awards from national industry publications… and community distinctions including The Samaritan Center’s “Family Values in Business” award and the St. Joseph County “Small Business of the Year.”

Small Enough to be Flexible, Big Enough to be Reliable:

When it comes to your company's information systems, you need to know who you're working with. You need people you can trust to make sure your information is safe and accurate and your systems are up and running every day.  PSSI is small enough that you can get to know the owners in addition to the people with whom you work, but large enough to always be there when you need us.

Team Approach:

We have multiple people familiar with each of our systems and with the various types of business in which we work. Our broad experience lets us look at your situation from multiple view points to make sure you are getting the best possible solutions to your problems.

Proven Methodologies:

Implementing ERP systems that include accounting, manufacturing control and customer relationship management functionality isn't just a matter of installing the software.  There are literally dozens of steps that must be followed between the time you decide you want to computerize and the time you are ready to fully depend on the information from the new systems. Over the last twenty-plus years, we have painstakingly (sometimes painfully) learned our craft and developed methodologies to assure you of a successful automation experience.  We have had excellent successes and we have testimonials and benchmarks to prove it.

Homegrown Success Story Serving Our Clients:

PSSI is a homegrown success story.  Starting with one individual in 1987, PSSI has grown organically over the years.  We're Midwesterners, with a well-grounded ethic for doing well by doing right by our customers.  We believe in honesty, fair dealings and the good old Midwestern work ethic.  Our clients get what they pay for:  good software and service at a fair price.

Deep Relationships with our Software Providers (Our Vendors):

We have developed extensive relationships with our vendor-partners over the years.  Our suppliers know us and respect our dedication to our clients.  They give us their full support to make sure we have the tools we need to properly support you, our customers.

Certified on Multiple Products & Services:

Most software providers work with only one brand of software. There's an old saying that "Everything looks like a nail if the only tool you have is a hammer."  We know that every business is unique. Every business has its own information needs and its own way of doing things. We know that not every company "fits" in one software system.  Accordingly, we offer four individual, complete systems to give you the best solution possible.  We don't just have a hammer;  we have an entire tool box full of tools.

Offering Both “Out of the Box” and Highly Customized Solutions:

"Packaged" software has come a long way since the early days of microcomputers.  Back in the 1980s, business software covered the basics of accounting and simple inventory control.  Today’s software has evolved to the point where many companies' needs can be met almost out of the box.

But there are times when your company’s competitive advantages – and the gross margins that go with them – require that your software more tightly integrates with the way you do business. That’s where our team’s long and deep experience in customizing and modifying unique solutions custom tailored to precise client needs will serve you best.  We have many tens of thousands of hours of experience across hundreds of clients ensuring that their software matches the way they do business.  Tell us your needs.  We’ll make your software truly work for you.

We're different; we think that's a good thing.