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Image of man working - historicalWe Don't Just Consult —
We DO! 

Success in managing your business rests on two key factors:  selecting the right information solution for your company from the many choices available today, then successfully implementing the software and learning to exploit the strengths of that selection.

Finding the right team to guide you to success is critical as you select, deploy and support the solution that you will live with – and grow with – for years to come.  Some firms consult.  Other companies just sell.  At PSSI, we don’t just help you choose the right system, we help you implement it, and then support it in the future.

The process starts with listening, learning and analyzing your business processes.  PSSI’s consultants and technicians average more than 12 years with our firm, and are steeped in practical business experience, including designing, consulting, selecting and implementing information systems that fit our clients’ unique needs.  We’ve helped hundreds of businesses define and refine their business systems, and improve their bottom lines along the way.  And we can do that for you.  As we meet with your staff, tour your plant, analyze your current systems and discuss your growth plans, we help you create a map to your future.  Only after we have agreed upon system success and selection criteria will we recommend a solution that fits your business and budget.

Download the PSSI Business Process Analysis PDF (below) to learn more about our processes.